The universe of discourse

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a particular affinity with stationery. Although this affinity has had a checkered history, mainly as a result of the complementary use of the keyboard and the screen, it seems to have been kept steady.

I recently started to collect fountain pens and pencils. I am particularly attached to some brands, but I am also experimenting, exploring the properties of several others, albeit in a rather conservative way.

I use computers everyday, for many hours per day. My work entails writing with pen and paper, like any other scientist and engineer. When I’m not working, I am present in the analog field of action by keeping a journal and working with texts that I find particularly appealing, in any of the languages with which I feel comfortable.

I will offer my personal, highly biased opinion on stationery items that I find of note. I will welcome any opinion, comment, and of course observation in this personal space, and I will retain the right to publish and comment on them.

This is an essay. It is a work in progress, as is everything in this ephemeral life. I will proclaim this blog a success if it proves itself to be an addition in the general order of things, and a locus of communication.

Thank you.


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