The universe of discourse

Ever since I can remember, I was very particular about stationery.

Periods of closeness to pencils and paper, depending on the writing load of the day, from school days to my days in research, were succeeded by some periods of distancing from these tools. I may now use computers every day, for long hours, but my work involves writing with pen and paper, as scientists and engineers do. The attachment persisted.

Recently, I started to form a small collection of fountain pens and pencils. Nothing serious, of course, just some of these pens that I like to use from time to time, in the office or at home, mostly. I am particularly attached to some brands but I am also experimenting, considering the properties of several others, albeit hesitantly.

When I am not working, I keep on scribbling a journal, and take notes on texts that I find appealing, writing in any of the languages which I feel comfortable with.

I will offer here my personal, and thus partial opinion on stationery items that I find of note.

This is an essay. It is a work in progress, as is everything in this short life. I will proclaim this blog a success if it proves itself to be a fruitful addition to the general order of things, and a locus of communication.

Thank  you.

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